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Maoming Port Group held 2023 annual work conference


On February 14, Maoming Port Group held 2023 annual work conference。The meeting summarized and analyzed the construction and operation situation of the group in 2022. Guided by problems and goals, it scientifically planned the main work tasks in 2023, set the direction and tone for the whole year's work, and sounded the clarion call for reform, innovation and high-quality development。

会上,Heads of departments and offices, affiliated enterprises and key project offices of the agency summarized the completion of the 2022 annual performance indicators, as well as the highlights of their work and experience,Focus on the analysis of 2023 work focus and difficulties and solutions, measures,Participants in the meeting in accordance with the actual work,Closely around the state-owned enterprise reform, project construction, operation and management and other key and difficult issues are deeply analyzed and discussed,Clear objectives and tasks,Look for breakthrough incision,Draw strength to strengthen weak areas,Make the development of the key work of the group clearer。

Wang Zhihua fully affirmed the achievements and highlights of the group's departments and offices, subordinate enterprises, key project offices and special work classes in the past year。He pointed out that,At present, the development of the group is in a critical period of climbing,On the basis of summarizing achievements and identifying gaps,The group should base itself on the reality of the group,Enhance awareness of potential dangers,We will further improve our work thinking and measures,Strengthen the confidence to win,Actively plan,We will strive for the initiative in development,Speed up the construction of Maoming port industry development pattern,To help Binhai New Area build a green chemical industry, new materials and new energy base with unique core competitiveness, and a strategic highland for Maoming to take the lead in manufacturing industry,Make greater contribution to the new journey of high quality development of Maoming City。

Wang Zhihua stressed that the goal has been set and the direction is clear。The whole group should unify their thoughts, gather their minds and work together, and do a good job in the whole year with the determination and attitude that starting is a sprint。First, we should emancipate our minds and raise our political standing。紧紧围绕省、市和滨海新区工作部署,坚持党建引领,持续推行“书记项目”,充分发挥基层党组织的战斗堡垒作用和党员先锋模范作用,在服务全省全市高质量发展中展现担当;二是要务实笃行,强化生产经营。All staff and cadres should firmly focus on the goal of becoming "independent market entities with self-management, self-responsibility for profits and losses, self-responsibility for risks and self-restraint",Aiming self-positioning,Focus on the main business and responsibility,Adhere to market orientation, efficiency first, innovation driven, management empowerment,We will continue to deepen reform of state-owned enterprises,奋力推进集团高质量发展;三是要精心组织,We will work hard to implement our work。All units should adhere to the work project, project list, list responsibility, responsibility, detailed objectives and tasks, the table item by item implementation。要提升共事协作、担当作为的能力,立足现有力量,协调各方力量,整合团队合力,全力高效开展好各项工作;四是要深化改革,加强队伍建设。加快落实新的岗位和薪酬体系,进一步创新集团选人用人机制,扎实做好人才培养培训工作,构建可持续的人才梯队,为集团高质量发展提供有力的人才支撑;五是要压实责任,强化党风廉政建设。We will continue to deepen the reform of the discipline inspection and supervision system of soes, build a "big supervision" structure, strengthen the risk prevention and control system of clean government, and actively create an environment of clean, honest and entrepreneurial behavior。

Xiao Bingzhang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of the Group; Yang Chaocan, member of the Party Committee and Vice president of the Group; CAI Guangzhang, member of the Party Committee and chief engineer of the Group; Zhu Guangyu, Vice president of the Group; Li Yuqi, assistant president of the Group; and leaders of departments, subordinate enterprises and key project offices of the Group organs attended the meeting。(He Mengping)

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