Maoming Port Group holds 2022 annual democratic life of Party Committee leaders


On February 14, Maoming Port Group held the 2022 annual Democratic life of Party Committee leaders in accordance with the working arrangements of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Organization Department of the Municipal Committee and the New District Party Working Committee。Group Party Secretary, Chairman Wang Zhihua presided over the meeting。Li Tian, full-time Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the organ directly under the Binhai New Area, Li Cheng, deputy Section chief of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Binhai New Area attended the meeting for guidance。

The meeting informed the Party history learning education thematic democratic life issues rectification and implementation。Wang Zhihua on behalf of the Party Committee for control inspection speech, carefully investigate the gap, analyze the root of the problem, clear rectification measures, and take the lead for personal inspection analysis speech。Subsequently, members of the leading group examined and analyzed one by one, carried out self-criticism, carefully analyzed the causes of the problems, and identified the next step of rectification measures。At the same time, members of the leading team made frank criticisms among themselves。

Wang Zhihua summarized the thematic democratic life。He pointed out that the topic of the democratic life will be rigorous, self-analysis is profound, the direction of rectification is relatively clear, each team member has experienced a profound party spirit education and political training。He said to take this meeting as an opportunity, pragmatic and efficient rectification。First, we must persevere in strengthening political accomplishment。Always adhere to the ideological and political development in the first place, deeply understand the decisive significance of the "two establishment", earnestly strengthen the "four consciousness", continue to firm the "four self-confidence", resolutely achieve the "two maintenance", and effectively promote the implementation of the superior decision and deployment。Two to condense the core together to promote the center of work。Always maintain the spirit of having the courage to take responsibility and overcome difficulties, take the initiative to shoulder the responsibility of the construction and development of the group, further based on the current new stage, new tasks and new requirements, establish and improve the working mechanism, strengthen the research and deployment of major projects, strengthen the operation reform and innovation, and ensure the efficient progress of all work。Three, the above rate under the exercise of excellent style。We will strictly observe the Party's political discipline and rules, earnestly fulfill our responsibility for exercising self-governance over the Party, pass on pressure at every level, tighten our responsibilities at every level, and continue to deepen our efforts to comprehensively and strictly govern the Party。Fourth, we should not let the problem rectification。The word "change" throughout, really change real change, attack difficult。To step on the stone to leave a mark, scratch the iron has the strength to catch the effect, to ensure that the rectification work is in place with solid and effective measures。

Li Tian and Li Cheng gave objective and fair comments on the democratic life。Li Tian said that the democratic life closely adhered to the theme of the meeting, focused on problems and achieved the expected results. He hoped that the Party committee leadership of Maoming Port Group would adhere to and carry forward a good style, seek truth from facts, treat problems seriously and get to the end, so as to achieve real rectification effects。He demanded that, first, we should learn to have a deep understanding and mastery, firmly support the "two establishment", further strengthen the "four consciousness", "four self-confidence", and "two maintenance" consciousness, and arm our minds with the Party's innovative theory。Second, we need to take a problem-oriented approach and take addressing problems as an important measure to strengthen political development. We need to identify the root causes and target problems, take concrete actions, and take precise measures to get to the bottom of the problem rectification。At the same time, we should pay attention to the establishment of rules and regulations, form a long-term mechanism for rectification and implementation, and promote various work through the normative construction of the system, so as to achieve both current reform and long-term establishment。Third, we must strengthen the building of government bodies,We will accelerate the completion and operation of projects,Enhance hematopoietic function,In Binhai New Area "to build a green chemical industry, new materials and new energy base with unique core competitiveness, Maoming to implement the manufacturing industry in the strategic highland,To build a harbour new city with integrated development of urban and rural areas, complete functions and friendly environment"。

Xiao Bingzhang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of the Group, Yang Chaocan, member of the Party Committee and Vice president of the Group, Li Peng, member of the Party Committee and Vice president of the Group, Chen Jun, member of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee and Ombudsman of the Group, CAI Guangzhang, member of the Party Committee and chief engineer of the Group, Zhu Guangyu, Vice president of the Group attended the meeting。(Cao Xiaolin)

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