Work hard with concerted efforts to promote the high-quality development of Maoming Port industry

Maoming Port Group held the first meeting of the second Workers' Congress


On February 23, Maoming Port Group solemnly held the first meeting of the second Workers' Congress in the conference room on the fifth floor of the group。Tan Yaofen, member of the Party Working Committee of Binhai New Area and secretary of the Discipline Working Committee, Zhong Zhiqing, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Municipal SASAC, attended the meeting for guidance, Wang Zhihua, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the Group made a speech, Xiao Bingzhang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president of the group made a work report, Yang Chaocan, member of the Party Committee, vice president and chairman of the trade union of the group, presided over the meeting。Group Party committee member, Party discipline Committee secretary, Ombudsman Chen Jun, Party committee member, chief engineer CAI Guangzhang and group staff representatives more than 80 people attended the conference。

Tan spoke highly of Maoming Port Group's achievements in 2022。She pointed out that in the past year, Maoming Port Group took the overall situation into consideration and was brave enough to play the leading role in the development and construction of Binhai New Area. Maoming Port Group completed the expansion and opening of the port assigned by the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal government, providing a strong boost to the high-quality development and construction of Binhai New Area。She required that Maoming Port Group should focus on the development strategy of "building deep water port and revitalizing Coastal Green City", and be a good pioneer for the high-quality development of Binhai New Area on the new journey of promoting manufacturing industry in the whole city。First, we must uphold the leadership of the Party。Give full play to the leadership core and political core role of the Party Committee, take up the original mission as the main force of infrastructure construction in Binhai New Area, and transform the "construction drawings" in the hands into "real scene paintings" in Binhai New Area;Second, we must have the courage to take responsibility。In Binhai New Area construction process to give full play to the role of "host port",We will speed up the implementation of all arrangements for the opening of the Port of Maoming,推进茂名港顺利实现口岸扩大开放;聚力茂名石化产业优势,Actively promote exchanges and cooperation with large central and provincial enterprises,To build regional important port as the goal,To help Binhai New Area build a green chemical industry, new materials and new energy base with unique core competitiveness, and a strategic highland for Maoming to take the lead in manufacturing industry;Third, we need to accelerate market-oriented transformation。巩固深化国企改革三年行动方案成果,科学制定集团股改方案,积极稳妥推进股改工作,引进优质战略合作伙伴;建立健全现代企业管理体制机制,加快推进企业市场化转型。

Zhong Zhiqing pointed out that Maoming Port Group has made good achievements in strengthening enterprise operation and management in 2022, exploring the reform of state-owned enterprises, maintaining and increasing the value of state-owned assets and other aspects, which has provided a strong boost to the overall situation of high-quality development of the city。He said that the municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission will continue to do a good job of guidance services, to help the municipal state-owned enterprises actively strive for relevant policy support, all-round boost the municipal state-owned enterprises as the city's high-quality economic development of the "ballast stone"。He asked,First, we must give priority to performance。We should actively integrate ourselves into the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, draw on the experience of advanced enterprises in operation and management, and innovate business models to further generate income and increase efficiency。Second, we need to be problem-oriented。We will establish a list of "difficult and complex diseases" of historical problems, fulfill responsibilities at every level, resolve them step by step, and resolutely win the battle to solve historical problems。Third, we will deepen reform of state-owned enterprises。Formulate the group's development plan scientifically,We will work hard to solve problems concerning the quality of soes' development, their industrial distribution, and their systems and mechanisms,进一步深挖生产潜力;要聚焦茂名石化产业优势,To deepen cooperation and exchanges with large central soes and competitive enterprises in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area,To promote the high quality development of Maoming Port Group,To provide more successful experience and sample for the reform of state-owned enterprises in Maoming。Fourth, we must adopt a holistic approach。It is necessary to closely focus on the work deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal government, the Party Working Committee and the Administrative committee of Binhai New Area, serve the overall strategic situation of Maoming to the sea, earnestly fulfill the political and social responsibilities of state-owned enterprises, and promote the high-quality development of enterprises with a stronger sense of the overall situation。Fifth, we must comprehensively and strictly govern the Party。We will ensure that the Party's leadership strengthens its roots and builds its soul, actively foster a clean environment for doing business, strictly observe political discipline and rules, and resolutely maintain discipline, get things done, and avoid accidents。

Wang Zhihua pointed out in his speech,Under the strong leadership of Municipal Party Committee and Municipal government, Binhai New Area Party Working Committee, administrative committee and municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission,The Group earnestly implements the work requirements of expanding the opening of Maoming Port,Unswervingly focus on project construction,We will take a proactive and coordinated approach to epidemic prevention and control and development,All staff to carry on the past, the spirit of time is not waiting for me,Work together to overcome difficulties,Made one brilliant achievement after another。He stressed that 2023 is the first year of the full implementation of the Party's 20 spirit, but also a key year for the group's pillars and beams, transformation breakthrough, Group all cadres and staff to start is sprint determination and attitude to do a good job throughout the year。First, raise your position。We should adhere to the systematic thinking and overall concept, resolutely implement the provincial and municipal work arrangements, seize time and opportunities with hard work, and show our responsibility in serving the high-quality development of the whole province and the whole city。Second, take the initiative。It is necessary to adhere to the market-oriented, efficiency-oriented, innovation-driven and management-enabling approach, continue to deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises, continue to improve the "hematopoiesis" function and profitability, and strive to become an independent market entity with self-management, self-responsibility for profits and losses, self-responsibility for risks and self-restraint as soon as possible。Third, we must work hard。We should adhere to the project, project list, list responsibility and responsibility, further decompose and refine the objectives and tasks, and implement the list item by item。Fourth, we need to strengthen incentives。We should give full play to the baton of performance appraisal, accelerate the implementation of new post and salary system, innovate the group's selection and employment mechanism, so that doers can benefit and strivers can have a head。Fifth, we must govern the Party strictly。We will continue to deepen the reform of the discipline inspection and supervision system of soes, build a "big supervision" structure, strengthen the risk prevention and control system of clean government, and actively create an environment of clean, honest and entrepreneurial behavior。

At the meeting, Xiao Bingzhang delivered a work report to the delegates of the first session of the second Maoming Port Group Workers' Congress。The report gives a comprehensive review of the key work in 2022, and sets out the group's overall work ideas and main tasks and objectives in 2023。The report states that,The past year,The group is under the strong leadership of the municipal Party committee, the municipal government and the New District Party Working Committee and the Administrative Committee,In the municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and the city, the new district departments of the strong support and help,It is guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era,We will study, publicize and implement the Party's 20 Guiding Principles,We will earnestly implement the work arrangements of the municipal and new districts,Adhere to the project construction as the center,We will coordinate epidemic prevention and control and development,We will solve development difficulties through reform and innovative thinking,Better completed the annual work tasks。其中,Maoming Port Bohe New Port Area 100,000-ton refined oil terminal, 50,000-ton chemical terminal, 810,000 cubic meter oil and chemical reservoir area, Maoming port Center and other projects have been basically completed,Construction of a 300,000-ton crude oil terminal began smoothly,为茂名港口岸扩大开放工作创造了良好条件;集团全年实现营收8.12亿元,Achieve 135% of the annual target,同比增长90%;建立健全集团《巴黎人直营注册》《巴黎人直营注册》《巴黎人直营注册》等制度、细则40余项;实施竞争上岗,畅通拓宽人才晋升渠道;健全薪酬福利体系和人才激励机制,A three-year campaign to reform state-owned enterprises has come to a successful conclusion。


▲2022 Maoming Port Group Excellent Correspondent: First prize: Guo Fuyu, second prize: Chen Zhi, Zhou Ziwen, third prize: Chen Libing, Cao Xiaolin, Yu Zhuohan

Maoming Port Group Advanced Collective in 2022:Department of Safety and Environmental Protection, Department of Investment and Development, Department of Audit, Guangdong Maohang Supply Chain Management Co., LTD., Approval and Construction Management Department of Maoming Port Bohe New Port Area Key Project Office, Maoming Port Bohe New Port East Chemical Wharf Project Management Department

▲2022 Maoming Port Group Outstanding Team: Group Finance Department, Group Port Opening Task Force

▲2022 Maoming Port Group Advanced Individual:吴  超、陈丽冰、李汶静、邵红熙、邓 婵、何梦娉、岑江燕、郑粤湘、张康妮、凌琳惠、阮梦娴、杨丹妮 、陈 智、张 培、王志伟、陈序华、赖 冰、李春承、廖晨涛、马旭阳、梁祖钊、黎祖声、陈 雯、阮传劲、陈业祥、吴浩邦、谢汝效、杨万青、黄观文、梁智聪、梁智韬、杨剑柱、周洪中、朱和新、方 云、张金平、陈建武、陈华彬、古智斤、刘怡超、李俊锋、欧兆鹏、邱  齐、伍雄禹、文守琼、徐贵宇、岳效功、邹玉春、张雷强、钟春林、朱国理 (排名不分先后)

▲2022 Outstanding Employees of Maoming Port Group: Liu Dong, Zhou Ziwen

▲ The 10th Anniversary of Maoming Port Outstanding contributions: Chen Xiang, Mo Wenzhen, Chen Zhi, Gong Bo, Feng Yiyi, Liu Yihui, Chen Hairong, Liu Dong, Liang Zhongliu, Liang Zuzhao

▲ The Party building and clean government construction work responsibility letter and HSE management objective responsibility letter have been signed with all departments and subsidiaries

The staff representatives at the meeting earnestly performed their duties,Judicious exercise of power,The group elected staff directors, staff supervisors, members of the trade union, the director of the fund review committee,We listened to, deliberated and adopted seven bills, including the 2022 final accounts and 2023 Budget Report of Maoming Port Group Co., LTD., and the 2022 Annual Work Report of Maoming Port Group Production and Operation Management Supervision Committee,And consider and adopt General Assembly resolutions。(He Mengping)

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